Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blogger No More

As you may or may not have noticed this place is dead in a ditch. I have moved and with it has come a load of cool stuff. So go check it out over at myspace if you want to that is.

Also please check out the Nowhere Land blog and see what is what...

Namaste for the last time....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Being Frakkin Sick Sucks Ass

Yep, one of my more interesting titles. But it is what it is yo!

I am ill, and basically that means i can;t concentrate on one thing for too long without spewing. Which is not good. I cn;t fucking write basically and my head, aside from spinning from sickness, is over flowing with episode 2 of Nowhere Land. Which also means Darkness Rising is on the back burner once again. Nowhere Land is kinda more important at the moment.

So episode 2 is not being written but fucking wants to be and i really need to get my arse in gear and get the pilot sent off, but i have no fucking ink for the printer which sucks major balls!!! Need to get ink and then print! It will be done.

Put some pictures on Laughing Gas Two from the olden days of me Dan and the gang. Check it!


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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Branching Out


Finally caved in and created a myspace page which has bits and pieces about stuff. Mainly an excuse to create something else, although not a lot of creation goes into it, but hey. Anyway, for those that don't care, i will be posting most posts here at the myspace page, but the myspace page is mainly a networking friends contacting page. This will remain my true home.


Episode 102: 'I Am Not A Number'
Jack finds himself assisted by someone he doesn't and sees someone he didn't think he could see in a place he really shouldn't be and discovers that there is no way out of Hope Falls. Jessica confronts her father believing Jack to be dead and decides to leave, just as things go a bit strange for the people of Hope Falls.

I know that is a pretty obscure synopsis, but I am about half way through plotting it at the moment. I feel a lot better about the structure of the show and it may stretch back to its original eight episodes i had in mind to begin with. But you know me, my mind changes... a lot...

Support the myspace, leave messages and what ever.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Document

In the midst of rewriting the pilot to Darkness Rising I come up with another idea for another show. Good thing right? Well sorta... its annoying cos now i wanna run and work on this new idea. Why? Excited about it and DR is proving troublesome. Written five pages of it so far and rewritten it three times, but i have now come up with a new angle for it which i think could be pretty cool.

The Document is my new show title and idea is still kinda loose, but it will be a mystery show. It will be... listen to my pretentious arse talking as if i am a fucking big shot. Im a twat, that is what i am. Anyway, not getting into a bashing, cos i can't be arsed. But this new idea is a mystery show about a guys past and what it means for his future. Vague? Too vague? Tough!

X men 3 = piece of fucking shit!!


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Darkness Rising

Today, I have put Nowhere Land's pilot to bed!! Yep, pretty happy with it at the moment. Printed it for some folks to read and hopefully give feedback, some have it via email, so hopefully it will be liked and I can then work up the courage to send it off. Kinda scared because I might have lost what was liked originally.


Darkness Rising is about to go into the writing stages for the first time in about three years. Fuck me has it really been three years... why yes otherwise i would be fucking lying and writing three years for no good reason what so ever! Dumbass. Anyway, three years. lot has changed in three years.

Darkness Rising was my driving force once. It was (as pathetic as it sounds) was my diary. A lot of things i was dealing with when i started writing it back in 2000 (thats six years ago!!!) were played out in DR as it was also called. Problems with girls, my thoughts on love and life and depression and hatred and forgiving and fucked up fuck ups... it was all there. I remember writing four episodes back to back in a week which is totally insane and reading them back they aint great, but the heart of it, the soul of it and the point of it is fucking great, just structure is a bit shit and my writing has come along leaps and bounds since then. Whether it is any good now is not the fucking point, point is i have improved. Darkness Rising was a religion for me, it was written on everything i had, i roped people into it - - i even got a website set up in 2001 where you could view art work and read the scripts.

Darkness Rising pretty much started life as me wanting to write X files and Millennium. Both were shows i loved and worshipped. So i started writing. i had no computer so everything was hand written. First thing i wrote was something called Secret Orchestra, a show about the MOD and a secret unit they had to investigate all manner of weird things like Angels and UFOs and Aliens and Serial Killers and how they were all connected. It was cool but shitty, really didn;t know where it was going, but i was in my teens, so what the fuck did i know. it was when i was studying a levels that DR started to manifest. Through notes and endless amounts of lined paper with story ideas written down i kinda came up with an idea for a show or a movie, i think at the time it was a movie. I was taking medai studies and we had to come up with an idea for an 18 certificate film and i was paired up with this hot girl named Caroline and she had no idea what to do. And me being the sad git i was and still am had all my notes and paperwork on me concerning DR and i remember slamming it down on the table thinking i was cool saying we were going to do this and she just looking at me terrified. Girls eh, don;t know cool if it bit em on the arse!

Anyway, a friend of mine looked at a treatment i had written and gave it back a few days later with notes in the margine taking the piss out of it and it made me laugh so much that i decided to keep the piss take notes and write them into the new treatment. Darkness Rising was pretty much born then and there.

Seven meets Monty Python meets The X Files. That pretty much sums it up i think.

I had managed to write two and half seasons before life got in the way and i lost what was DR. I found myself unable to write it and lost the momentum.

Season one was comprised of about 11 episodes, but was cut down to about 8 because some were shit or not finished or both. It was written by myself, my friends Adam Boothroyd and Chris Ammon (bet he doesn't remember that, i still have what was written). It was about John Ryan joing a new unit at scotland Yard called the VCD that carried hand guns and chased serial killers. The first season dealt with Johns divorce, his wifes death, the disappearance of his partner and the reappearance and then disappearance of his long lost love as well as a serial killer named Michael Elliot who wanted to get into Hell and come back to earth as a general and help usher in the end of the world and share in the power when the end came. And John kept on being reffered to as the Luminary??

Season 2 was great. Eight episodes written all on me own, dealing with Johns death and ressurection and him slowly coming to realise who he was in the greater scheme of things.

Season 3 what there was of it was also great. I think five or six episodes were written by myself, Dan Gitsham and an online friend who sadly i have lost contact with called Andrea.

Episode names people...

Season 1:
3B79: Pilot
3B01: Blue
3B03: Dead Cells
3B04: Among Myselves
3B05: Guilty
3B06: Restrictions
3B07: White Worm
3B08: Always Never
3B09: Severed
3B10: When Heaven and Hell Collide Part One

4B01: Antipas Part Two
4B02: Shadow Of Memories
4B03: Lamentations
4B04: Army of Me
4B05: Spiders
4B06: Monuments Burn Part One
4B07: Broken World Part Two
4B08: Any Day Now Part Three

5B01: Images of Darkness
5B02: Persistence of Vision
5B03: Pied Piper
5B04: That Day
5B05: Dog
5B06: Mad Cows and Englishmen
5B07: Emanations Part One
5B08: Fire Part Two

(Titles in red were either never finished or never written)

So there you have it. DR is being redrafted, hopefully gonna start today. It will be a different beast, a better beast. Stay tuned if you give a fuck.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lift Your Skinny Wrists Like Antennas To Heaven!

Nowhere Land episode one, or the pilot is now finished - - well this draft is finished anyway. And guess what? I like it, i like it a lot! Yeah i know i have said that a hell of lot when it comes to the shit i write, but i think i might actually mean it which is a cool thing, cos now i can properly block out this first season, maybe make notes or start episode two and move on to restructing and rewriting DARKNESS RISING. Yeah baby!

Anyway, just quick update really to update on the progress of this journey and to post up the new episode titles, yeah i know more new episode titles... basically the thing with episode names is that it makes me feel like there is a working structure to the show, they make me feel like i have a backbone for it and something to work with, they probably mean fuck all to anyone who reads it, but i stems back to my time on the x files... Basically i am obsessed with the x files, could tell you absolutley anything about it, don't believe me, fucking try me hotshot... anyway, i used to go online and find out new episode names before the new season had aired and then obsessively record and write them on anything that i could write on. episode names were great, finding out the name of the new season opener was so exciting, seeing it written down gave me such a buzz and i guess that has kinda stuck with me. so humour me. I will also get back to the episode guide thing at some point to.

NoWhErE LaNd

101 Pilot
102 'I am Not a Number'
103 'My God Is Full Of Stars - - Or Is That Lies'
104 'Those Words In That Book - - They're Just Words'
105 'In To The Woods'
106 'I Am God'

So shortened it now to six episodes, i feel it makes more sense that trying to stretch out the story with fillers, the main story and who it affects matter, there will be no monster of the week things, if you catch my drift dude!!


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Choose Noise

Long time since last post and once again quite a bit has happened. Not a load, nothing as earth shattering as my last post. Altough i did get a letter in reply to the UNDER CONSIDERATION thing i posted a while back. Basically they are not taking anyone on this year as they have filled their books (this agency takes on novelists as well as scripters like me), but they said that if i am still looking for representation next year to give them a shout. Which is cool.

Listening to Hybrids news album at the moment and it is fucking amazing! Different to their other two albums which is such a cool thing when artists or groups are not afraid to move on. It still sounds like Hybrid but sounds new if that makes sense, unlike the Mars Voltas new album which bored me to shit. Is a good album, but dull if you have heard their last one.

Anyway, I digress... was planning on doing a big ass update for all those people who don;t read this, but i haven't eaten lunch yet and i is hungry like innit!

NOWHERE LAND: I wrote the next draft after my phone call with world productions in 20 days!!! 20 fucking days is madness. It is good, fiddled a bit with it - changing dialogue and bits and pieces, but still there was something not right with it. The ending! The ending sucked more arse than Robbie Williams 'rapping' about his rudebox (that will be the last and only time that tosser will be mentioned on this site). So got stressed when i tried to write another ending as a friend can testify. But lost sleep for a few nights and have come up with something pretty cool and thanks to Hybrids new album called I choose noise available at all decent music stores and not music zone we are shite and don't sell it... anyway, thanks to hybrids new album, have managed to write two thirds of it and it is cool. i like it. now just planning the rest of the first season as i have have used a lot of ideas from the other planned episodes to move this one forward in terms of pace. it is quicker, punchier and better for it. just means i need to put on my xxl thinking hat and plan a new season essentially. But cool nonetheless.

DARKNESS RISING: Gonna be getting back to my baby pretty soon, i miss it, i miss John, Pete,Laura, the chief and everything else. i miss the time i was writing that, the cool people that were around me, the feedback i got from it, the website that it was on... memories hey, they suck balls but at the same time are nice, just a little depressing. Anyway, gonna be re writing the pilot after i am happy with nowhere land feel i need something new to write, even though it isn;t new.

Peace out hommies!

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